Growth in uncertain times

Santa Clarita, California - September 9, 2020 As of early April, much of the state of California took essential measures to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus including the widespread use of masks and limiting social gatherings to less than ten people.

For many businesses, especially in the retail and food industries, this means having to cut down on the number of customers they can serve if any at all. Pacific Empire Solutions Inc. also took extra precautions in keeping their staff and customers safe by holding weekly staff meetings over video chat, wearing masks on the field, and maintaining 6 feet apart when helping customers.

Despite the unfortunate closing of many small businesses throughout the state, Pacific Empire Solutions is fortunate to have opened in eight new locations in the Los Angeles area in August 2020, prompting yet another hiring surge.

Company culture has to adapt to a primarily online environment. Pacific Empire chooses to use Zoom video software as their main communication platform.

“Working with Zoom is new for everyone. We are all learning how to effectively communicate and share knowledge through a video chat and some new team members are completely onboarded without a single face-to-face interview,” says Jorge Lopez, CEO of Pacific Empire Solutions Inc.

As the company adapts to these changing times, Lopez comments “We are fortunate to have such a flexible and positive team to move forward together through this pandemic.”