Pacific Empire Solutions Year in Retrospect

SANTA CLARITA, California - January 8, 2020 Early February of 2019 marked the start of it all. After months of intensive training in the booming Orange County and Southern Los Angeles business climate, founder and CEO of local upstart marketing firm, Pacific Empire Solutions Inc., Jorge Lopez turned his attention to Northern Los Angeles, building a base headquarters location in Valencia.

“There is such potential in our market here for major marketing campaigns and our clients see it,” comments Lopez at the time of expansion. With a team of qualified professionals to lead the charge, the company truly hit the ground running, launching their first campaign after only one week on the ground.

“The potential is simply too great to waste any time,” said one leader on the Pacific Empire executive team. “Wasted time is lost opportunity, and we’re all really excited about what we’re building. The atmosphere, the people, the excitement... it’s infectious!”

Throughout the eventful year, the wave of excitement definitely proved infectious. The company drove successful campaigns month-after-month and promoted several representatives to leadership where they can further promote growth and expansion by fostering the success of others.

As part of their new responsibilities, leaders aid in conducting intensive training, creating growth opportunities, and recognizing those with outstanding work ethic. According to Lopez, when you have a winning formula, growth and expansion is the next logical step. “The market out here is wide open and our clients are closely watching what we do here. There is nothing but opportunity and they see that.”

While the team continues to grow, awarding stand-out efforts appropriately with incentives, bonuses, and promotions is essential to building a strong team. “It’s not enough to just tell one of our own that they’re doing a good job. It’s important to me to show them that they’re exceeding,”says the Hiring Manager at Pacific Empire.


As reward for their effort and results, four top performers were invited to the Dallas Leadership Conference in August where they heard leaders from around the country share their expertise in the field. Speakers filled conference halls aimed at sharing knowledge, promoting leadership habits, and developing a positive mindset, all powerful tools for success.

Cristina, a newly promoted leader at the time, shares her experience at the conference, “The talks about mindset were priceless. After the event, I know what I need to work on to be the impactful leader I want to be for my team.”

After numerous speeches and networking opportunities, a select handful of top performers joined a national consultant for a classic Texas BBQ dinner where they were able to network on a personal and professional level.


In October, experts from several markets were invited to the Annual R&R meeting held that year in Cancun. Leaders enjoyed 5 days of well-deserved rest and relaxation on the beach and boating in the sea. All expenses covered.

Upon returning from Cancun, the team did not waste any time. Although most businesses tend to take their foot off the gas during the holidays, Pacific Empire believes the holidays are one of the best times to drive success for their clients. “Driving business during the holidays coupled with consistent results throughout the year really shows our clients just how valuable of an asset we are” says Lopez.

As a result of their efforts, by the end of December, the company not only surpassed their existing clients’ expectations, but also locked in two new clients prompting a surge in hiring. New representatives joined the team eager to expand the new programs and start their new year with the team.

Now with program expansion on the horizon of 2020, the company opens in their new location in Stevenson Ranch where they can accommodate a growing team.

“We successfully capitalized on the potential of this new market for our clients in 2019,’ comments Lopez, ‘As we head into the new year, we want to continue to replicate what works and to foster a culture where opportunity and growth are dominant for clients and our team.”

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